Response to Lisa Salazar article in the Vancouver Sun

By Paul Dirks
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This is my conclusion:

Lisa Salazar and Dr. Ritch Savin-Williams have maligned and slandered my reputation, and I do not say that, or take that, lightly. I do not doubt that Savin-Williams doesn’t agree with, or like, the conclusions I draw based on his study, or other literature that has shown the same things, of which there is now a considerable body. This, however, is a far cry from horrible distortion or misrepresentation.

In almost every talk I do on the sexual orientation or gender identity literature, I encourage listeners to not believe me and to go and do their own research. Having reviewed the relevant literature even more thoroughly the last few days, I believe even more strongly that the data I have used to support my conclusions are good data.

Adolescents are moving in significant percentages from non-heterosexual behaviors and attractions to heterosexual ones. Savin-Williams seems to be one of the few researchers that doubts this, even though it was his finding at first, ironic as that is. These particular adolescents are changing categories from one that is attended by significantly higher risks to one that is not. Given that their non-heterosexuality is not a set, or life-long orientation for these particular adolescents, this move is positive. I cannot fathom a cogent argument that would refute this conclusion.

My interaction with Dr. Savin-Williams well represents what is going on in the other comments and responses. Accusations of misrepresentation and taking things out of context amount to nothing more than me drawing different conclusions than the authors. While on one hand, it is almost always the case that one opens oneself to accusation and ridicule in positing a different narrative than the prevailing one in the mass media, it is not the less discouraging that we have arrived at this place; a place where disagreement is seen as hatred, and argument is taken as personal offense and misrepresentation. I love trans and detrans people. I love gays, lesbians, and straights. I find myself at odds with the prevailing narratives around SOGI in schools and I will continue to use all the data, not merely those I agree with, to prove my points. This is, simply, good science. Disagreement is welcome. Slander is not.

Click Here to read my full Defense of My Town Hall Presentation.

paul dirks

Reverend Paul Dirks

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