1. I am curious about the current/past sex-education in BC (Canadian?) public schools, and if that curriculum is now one and the same with SOGI? If not, is it also being addressed, and are parents aware of what has already been taught? I personally homeschool, and had not taken notice, until last year, when a very close family friend was having issues with her daughter who was completely traumatized in her ELEMENTARY school class (in BC), after being forced (actually forced – a classmate tried to leave and was yelled at to sit back down) to watch a sex-ed video in which a “live” (not a drawing or cartoon) penis ejaculated. I agree that SOGI is child abuse, but our Canadian children have been undergoing abuse for longer then, I think, most people realize. Kari, can you comment on this? Is the entire sex-ed curriculum being advocated against, or is SOGI a separate issue?

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