Fake news = Poisoned news

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Oct. 12, 2017


Fake news = Poisoned news

Re: “Conservative activists rail against LGBT curriculum in Abbotsford” (Digital)


“Controversial SOGI material in schools has some residents fearing the worst” (Print)

My name is Kari Simpson and I write to set straight the deliberate mis-information the Abbotsford News promulgated via both their print and digital media.

Social Justice Warrior (SJW) wannabe reporter, Kevin Gawley, from Abby News/The Abbotsford News has taken journalistic lunacy to a new depth.  The screaming headline; Conservative activists rail against LGBT curriculum in Abbotsford was the first indicator that his intent was to deliberately mis-inform readers about the meeting I addressed.  

The information meeting, organized by long-time resident and respected businessman Len Remple, was called to inform Abbotsford residents about SOGI 123 (SOGI = Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity) — a dangerous and abusive program now in most B.C. schools. It’s the bitter fruit of an agenda that the Abbotsford News has heretofore failed to inform its readers about.  

Contrary to the report given by activist Gawley, I didn’t “rail” against the LGBTQ2 community.  I did, as I always do, make a very specific distinction.  

I clearly stated that those promoting the SOGI agenda are “sex activists”; and

I clearly stated that not all members of the broader LGBTQ community support this dangerous agenda.

Contrary to the false assertion made by Gawley, I don’t have a long history of having “campaigned against LGBT initiatives…” What I have a long history of is protecting the rights of parents to know what their children are being taught.

Parents have the legal right to know about any abusive and dangerous “program” designed to undermine their child’s sense of reality, and/or to suborn family values and beliefs.

All education stakeholders (i.e., everyone) has the right to know what we are paying for, and how it is influence future citizens and voters. Regrettably, Kelvin Gawley is a sad example of the B.C. public education system.

Gawley has already had to apologize to Pastor Paul Dirks for some of his venomous and false statements about him. I could certainly sue him for defamation; but instead I am going to feature him and his editor Ken  Goudswaard in a tutorial video about fake news and poisoned journalism.

What your readers should have been told:  

First, 86-year-old Len Remple was threatened by those who don’t want parents and other taxpayers to know what is transpiring.  

Anti-free speech and anti-Canadian ‘protesters’ once again tried, as they always do, to silence anyone who exposes their political agenda.  

These thugs didn’t stop when Mr. Remple refused to back down; next they threatened a person whom they thought to be the manager of the building where the meeting was taking place.  When that didn’t work, they went to the police and lied, suggesting the meeting was allowing a “hate” group to speak.  

Of course, “reporter” Gawley failed to report any of this. These facts didn’t fit his preconceived agenda.

Totally removed from SJW “reporter” Gawley’s deceitful story was any useful information about what SOGI 123 really is, and how the vulnerable children of Abbotsford will be forced to participate in this abusive agenda; so I will fill you in.

“SOGI” is the political rebranding of LGBTQ2S++; it translates into Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.  SOGI 123 is different from the “SOGI Policy” that was previously reported on.  

SOGI 123 is being introduced into schools as an alleged “resource”; it has nothing at all to do with “anti-bullying” or “making schools safer”; that’s the propagandist’s Trojan horse being wheeled in.  SOGI 123 has everything to do with creating radical societal change, using tactics of thought reprogramming and other recognized brainwashing techniques to alter society. It is political and it is dangerous—dangerous to the innocent children being victimized, and dangerous to the culture that has made Canada one of the most desirable places on earth to live.

Teachers—starting in kindergarten—break down each child’s identity by repeatedly assaulting their sense of being male or female.  Instead of building up a child’s sense of self by encouragement of how wonderful it is to be a unique and special boy or girl, and all the amazing realities that flow from understanding who they are, teachers are now ordered not to call students “boys” or “girls”; and to actually reprimand children for identifying themselves or others as such!  

The next step is to undermine the family unit and the biological reality that all children have a mother and father.  

Children from happy homes with a mother and father are bullied into a reprograming exercise that compels them to trivialize and disregard their security and positive home situation, and instead they are forced to “imagine” what it would be like to have two dads or two moms instead.  

Next teachers require their little charges to rethink their beliefs about male and female.  The teachers are made to lie to their students about basic biological and genetic facts and program them to embrace “gender delusion.”  The lesson plan rationale for the unit on “Gender Identity, Media & Stereotypes” states: “This lesson uses the term biological sex (which is assigned at birth based on external characteristics) and is sometimes different from gender identity (sic) which is someone’s personal sense of being a girl/woman, a boy/man or somewhere in between along the gender spectrum.”

“Sexism” is then redefined.  It’s no longer about equal pay or having to put up with man-haters or womanizers; nope, the new “sexism” is that burdensome reality called society.  Yes, “societal bias” is the new evil.  You know: the reality that shows most girls kind of like being liked by guys, and vice versa.  

Dolls for girls, trucks for boys… these are now declared EVIL works of those social conformist, and must be eradicated.  To do this, teachers are instructed to have those vulnerable little minds sit compliantly in a semi-circle on the floor while the teacher reads a classic fairy tale like Cinderella.  The children are taught to despise these time-honoured stories for their “sexist” plots!  

Children are told to give a “thumbs down” gesture, or loudly shout “No” whenever an allegedly “sexist” story-line is mentioned.  Teachers cheer when their 6- & 7-year-old students give Prince Charming the thumbs down.

Next these agents of social change, formerly known as teachers, read the new “classics”: stories like King and King and then “prompt” and “debrief” these young, impressionable students about “marriage equality.”  Children are then to brainstorm about what a non-gender-binary monarchy would look like.  

The “programing” doesn’t stop there; next children are ordered to write their own fairy tale about non-gendered princes and princesses.  

The brainwashing continues through every grade. Once sufficiently programed to embrace delusion, confusion and basic societal insanity, students then get to be indoctrinated with a de-constructionist view of law and history, where all white men are automatically scum, and colonialism is a vile disease that swept through early Canada.  

Considering the fact that the Canada that resulted is one of the most sought-after places on earth to live, this is of a lunacy almost equal to the embrace of SOGI’s gender delusions.

There is much, much more to expose about this agenda. Clearly, you won’t be getting anything close to accurate reporting from SOGI cult adherent Kelvin Gawley or editor Ken Goudswaard.

You can however get informed via the CultureGuard.com website and by subscribing to our communications—it’s all free; and accurate.  

CONTACT: Kari Simpson, (604) 514-1614


  1. Excellent rebuttal Kari. Too bad the Abbotsford News has no interest in fair balanced reporting, but instead prefers to write just one-sided hit pieces. They apparently have this strange notion that putting kids on a path towards a using a deadly drug like Lupron and then setting them up for a lifetime on pharmaceuticals and possibly mutilating surgery is “progressive”, I have another word for it: “ghoulish.”

    As a transgender person myself I just want to say I support you and Paul trying to bring this stuff to the attention of people, most of whom have no idea what is going on. Neither you nor Paul has ever said a bad word to me and have been nothing but kind. Say hi to Ron!

    • Thank you Jenn for caring enough about children to risk the wrath of the sex activists politicos, they are a nasty lot. You have done an amazing amount of work on exposing the SOGI “cult” and the dangerous and destructive agenda planned for our children and the nation. Your courage is to be commended.

  2. I personally find it interesting that Mr. Gawley is such a champion of inclusion. There are those of us in the community who have begged him to do some articles on racial inclusion on local Churches. Ohhh, that was too controversial for him apparently. He wasn’t interested. Wouldn’t want to help Churches become more inclusive, noooooo. But oh, inclusion for sexual diversity, he’s all about that. FYI, Mr. Gawley, SOGI appears discriminatory because not all people groups with “colour” support it–our Muslim friends, many of our IndoCanadian friends, the Chinese community, the Hindu community, the Orthodox Jewish community–and yes, white ethnic communities too like our Dutch and Conservative Mennonite friends who call the Fraser Valley home.

    • Kelvin Gawley is a political operative, and not a very bright one. Black Press should take note, poisoned news will not be tolerated. Thank you for providing us with still yet more damning information.

    • The East Indian community I think is unaware at this point of the content. If they ever become aware they may have a problem. I, like most people in Abbotsford, know many East Indians … and the ones I have talked to are not really big on the ideas contained in SOGI … so if they become aware …

    • Kari and Paul and Ron have been fighting this battles for years … I just fell off a passing truck recently and rolled into the debate, lol. Kari is a powerhouse. We do not have the same views on everything, but she is amazing.

  3. This quote here I find laughable, from Mr. Gawley’s article: ” ‘No individual, because of how they walk in the world – because they’re a person of colour or they’re of a different nationality, or they are from a sexual minority group – should have to hide who they are and, in fact, the school system has the obligation to take pro-active steps to ensure that people are not just safe in schools but that there is an inclusive environment.’ ” And yet, how many ‘people of colour’ or people from ‘different nationalities’ will have to hide who they are to fit into BC public schools if SOGI passes? Now, ironically, MEI is known to have a growing IndoCanadian presence thanks to issues like SOGI. And, MEI is also known to have less bullying than public schools. And just to repeat, of course we are all against bullying, of all kinds. Schools should be respectful, kind, and inclusive, and they should just get on with the business of academics. Again, Kari and Jenn above, you are amazing people.

  4. The problems we face today did not come overnight, though I must admit that to me it seemed so. Our schools and I might say our country originally had a Judeo/Christian moral tradition. However years ago they removed God from our schools. They removed prayer from our schools. They removed the Bible from our schools. Today there is an attempt to removed Christian expression from the public square. Moral voices are being silenced. Democracy based on freedom of expression and freedom of religion is at great risk. There is a deconstructive agenda taking place. When this happens the vaccum takes on something else. Morality is strongly associated to Biblical Judeo/Christian faith. Morality then becomes the next victim to those whose designs are primarily to build a pagan godless society. The spiral downward does not seem to have a stop sign. Time for Christian and moral people to stick to their convictions in the face of opposition. Time for people to again pray for grace and strength, that we may know how to answer the detractors. Not with profanities, not with hate but with grace and the love of Christ.

    • The people at the top of our society believe, en masse, that “morals are for suckers.” We also have a collection of megalomaniacs bent on dynamiting their way into the history books by kicking down the decaying structure of traditional values and moving us towards a new post-Orwellian control state, but to do that they need social chaos.

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