Kari Simpson schools Chilliwack Progress editor for his empty minded opinion

Re: Chilliwack school trustee should step down

Greg Knill, editor for the Chilliwack Progress, asserts an “opinion” based on…what? Nothing but propaganda. And he (zhe? zher?) expects readers to buy into this ill-informed political junk-speak that has bullied and too often silenced the majority. The voices of that majority are now speaking out; and yes, attending Culture Guard information meetings by the hundreds, 2-3 times every week.

You are right, Mr. Knill, Barry Neufeld is entitled to his opinion; but more importantly, Trustee Neufeld has a duty to protect children—all children. He also has obligations to uphold the rule of law and the legal rights of parents. Trustee Neufeld has done this, and by doing so has emboldened other school trustees to say “no” to SOGI.

Your opinion piece fails to provide any direct information about the SOGI agenda—only the propaganda opinions of its advocates. Let me help your readers to be better informed. Here are some of the objectives of the SOGI agenda—and these “goals” are prescribed jointly by the ARC Foundation, Ministry of Education, and the BCTF (the teachers’ union) –

3. “Self-Identification – Students have the right to self-identification, which includes the name by which they wish to be addressed and their preferred pronouns that correspond to their gender identity.”

This means they can command the ungrammatical use of language by others, including teachers.

4. “Confidentiality and Privacy – Students have the right to confidentiality of their official and/or preferred sex, gender, and name.”

Note: This includes NOT informing parents, which is in violation of the School Act.

5. “Dress – Students may express their gender identity or gender expression through what they wear to school. A dress code should be as all-inclusive as possible, which may include removing pronouns.”

Note: This new “dress code” – or lack thereof, allowed a male student to come to school as a drag queen, and also removes any form of modesty requirements.

9. “Facilities – Individuals may choose to use washrooms and change rooms that match their gender identity…”

Note: This means a 17-year-old male who claims to be a girl on any given day (after all gender is fluid), is entitled to use the girls change-room/bathroom whenever he/she/they/zee wants to. This is just one example.

There are more “goals” that will continue to sound the alarm bells of parents, but too numerous to print here.

Above and beyond the dictated “goals”, the SOGI123 lesson plans and the dictated classroom environments are nothing short of child abuse. Children are vulnerable and easily brainwashed. The SOGI123 lesson plan targeting even kindergarten invades the privacy of families and begins the process of altering a child’s understanding of family.

Every child has a mother and father, but according to SOGI this is untrue. Why are we lying to 5 year-olds? The insanity continues in almost every subject and at every grade level from Kindergarten to Grade 12, and by grade 2 teachers are told to engage in one of the most destructive components of SOGI 123: dismantling a child’s sense of being a boy or girl and telling them they can be the opposite gender or somewhere in between. This illustrates the unproven propaganda that “gender is not binary.” But according to the Canadian Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, genders means “male” or “female”. Period.

Every lesson plan for every grade is designed to alter our children’s thinking on what it is to be male or female; to undermine parental authority; and to engage children in a radicalized political agenda. Why? The goal is to alter and overturn the culture of Canada.

I find your claim that Trustee Neufeld’s apology to those who were “offended” were “hollow words” amusing, in that your “opinion” seems at best to be founded upon an empty-minded and gullible view of the SOGI agenda. Children deserve better, thankfully they have at least one trustee who cares enough to get informed and take a stand against this destructive agenda.

Kari Simpson

Executive Director, Culture Guard



  1. It is sad we cannot trust our media any more. Our democracy and our children will pay the price. On behalf of my grandchildren, I say thank you to Barry Neufeld and Heather Maahs for your show of leadership, character and courage.

  2. Those who wish to protect their children must step forward…..break ranks.. to be seen and heard…..
    The time for acquiescence is past….

    Those Christians that have been silenced by Marxist/pacifistic/Christian theology need to shake their collective heads, get back to reality and remember the history of those who went before us…..they were warriors…not pussies……

    Take a stand for righteousness……….be remembered as saviours of your children…….or be cursed for betraying this generation by those who remembered enough to look back…

    The 45 Goals of Communism, as entered in the U.S. Congressional Record in 1963 are relevant…..Goal #26 states….”Promote homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as normal, natural healthy.”


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