SOGI Curriculum

Click on each link below for the PDF version of various SOGI policies that are affecting your child right now in BC schools.

SOGI 123 K – 1 What is a Family

SOGI 123 K-12 Why Thats so Gay is not OK

SOGI 123 2-3 Fairy Tales and Gender Roles HL

SOGI 123 2 – 5 Questioning Gender Expectations

SOGI 123 4-5 Gender Identity Media & Stereotypes

SOGI 123 5-6 Struggle for LQBTQ Rights in Canada and the World

SOGI 123 5-7 Gender Self Portrait

SOGI 123 SEC Gender Identity – School Climate Map

SOGI 123 SEC Gender in Short Stories & Poetry

SOGI 123 SEC Gender Stereotypes in Literature Examining NOvels for Gender Bias

SOGI 123 SEC Indigenous Perspectives of Gender

SOGI 123 SEC Language and Terminology to Explore Gender and Sexuality

SOGI 123 SEC Social Justice Vocabulary


  1. Thank you Kari Simpson for taking on the idiocy of SOGI 123 which is become yet another challenge to our social norms, being perpetrated by ill-informed politicians and special interest groups whose main goal it seems is to undermine the traditional family concept, undermine the rights of parents, and ultimately confuse children about their sexuality.

    I believe in a person’s right to believe in what they deem to be true including their sexual disposition. I
    do however take issue with SOGI 123 being taught in schools to children. This subject, like religion, is the property of the child’s parents. Perhaps what should be being taught in schools is “Acceptance and “Tolerance” which are gifts all children have from birth.

    From a different perspective, it seems odd that those diverse interest groups who were once bullied, are now bullying others and name calling those that do not support their agenda.

    Thank you.

  2. I agree fully with the previous comment. We have free speech, yet if we disagree it is called hate. It seems like the very people promoting this program are culprits themselves…being discrimintory, hypocritical, resorting to name calling. They do not know the meaning of hate.


    • So true. Look at the bad example our own Minister of Education is making! Fierce words from empty minds have no edge! Time for him to resign.

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