STOP SOGI! Chilliwack parents to rally Nov. 21

 In support of 25-year School Board veteran Barry Neufeld, and to learn hidden truths about SOGI course materials

Pro-SOGI media, like CKNW’s nakedly one-sided Steele & Drex talk show, went ballistic when Barry Neufeld, a quarter-century veteran on the Chilliwack School Board, posted on Facebook that he opposes the SOGI program being forced into BC schools this year, after a trial run in eight school districts last year.

The media firestorm showed clearly that the mainstream media have ignorantly decided that SOGI is the best thing since sliced bread—and contrary opinions are to be silenced.

But as the Nov. 21 Chilliwack parents’ information rally will hear from the Lead Researcher for Parents United Canada, Paul Dirks, the American College of Pediatricians says that affirming transition of pre-pubescent children is child abuse.Sharable

Research shows that 80-90 percent of children with gender dysphoria will adjust comfortably to their birth gender by the time they’ve passed through puberty—a time of learning and adjustment for everyone as they’re growing up. And brain plasticity studies show that brains are not fully formed until well into the mid-to-late 20s. So brainwashing students to accept and endorse a radical sex agenda during their school years is also a vicious form of child abuse.


  1. Yes, want to be part of this rally against the SOGI curriculum. Please let me know what time and where so I can be part and I can share with friends. thanks

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