Statement by Kari Simpson about “Sex at Lunch” at Lord Byng Secondary School

sex at lunch lord byng secondary vancouver bc 14 june 2017

Click here for PDF version of Kari Simpson’s Statement about “Sex at Lunch” at Lord Byng Secondary School on June 14 2017

On June 14, 2017, I attended Lord Byng Secondary School in Vancouver, with a friend and local parental rights activist, Cecilia von Dehn.  I had been informed about a lunch- time program through an old 2014, Vancouver Courier news story that interviewed a 16-year-old participant who had shared allegedly knowing that male porn stars, on average, had “9-inch penises compared to the average guy, 4.5.”  She said the Sex at Lunch study of “Porn” was her favourite.  Other studies mentioned included the “History of Masturbation” and singing the 12 Days of STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases), a revamp of the 12 Days of Christmas.

Sex at Lunch isn’t mentioned on the regular school calendar events listings that are published on the school’s calendar.  Parent are deliberately not informed, and according to Vancouver Police Department School Liaison officer, Trevor LeTourneau, “not allowed.”

We entered the school at approximately 11:40 a.m. Unlike numerous other schools I’ve been to, there were no signs requiring us to report to the office.  I asked a student to direct us to the auditorium and was provided with instructions.  The route took us directly past the office.  We stopped in front of the office to speak to another student, and nobody asked us to report.

We made our way down to the auditorium, and along the way we observed posters advertising the lunch time event.

We walked into the auditorium and were greeted by a woman wearing tight jeans and red stiletto heels. She was greeting the first of the students who were entering the auditorium, and offering them suckers from a basket she was holding.

We said “hello” and made small talk about the event, and then made our way to our seats.

A woman immediately approached me and identified herself as a doctor consultant.  She asked what we were doing there.  I replied that we were informed about this program and heard it was going to be a special event. I specifically told her that I was a parent and had heard about this “fun” event.  I then asked her how many years the event had be going on. The woman chirpingly informed me that this was the third year the “Reach for the Top” event was being held. I asked who usually won, she said “The students.” I mentioned, in a happy tone of voice, how much fun the event was going to be, then turned my attention to my friend.

The woman went back to her seat.  Another teacher descended upon us and we spoke briefly as the children began to swarm in.  The lower balcony area of the auditorium was almost filled with students eating lunch and waiting for the event to commence.

I watched the teacher whispering to the Ms. Stiletto. Clearly they were uneasy, but nobody said anything further.

Ms. Stiletto grabbed the mic as four student panellists and four teacher panellists took their respective positions on the stage. The scorekeeper assumed her position and a male teacher by the name of Sean Nugent appeared as “game show host” for the event. I took my first picture and began an audio recording of the public and published school event; I also took notes.

Stiletto woman opened the event by welcoming the grade 10-12 students and then made a statement in which she called the grade 12 students “sex addicts.”  Then came the directive to students not to record the event or take pictures. Nugent made some comment about being compromised on Instagram previously, and then threatened the kids that he would not do “Sex at Lunch” again if any of them posted information on social media.

The “Reach For the Top” event commenced, Students vs. Teachers.  A series of questions were posed. These were sexually charged questions; not one dealt with the increasing rates of syphilis in Vancouver (now at a 30-year high among 19-24-year-old men who have sex with men (MSM).

Some examples of the questions:

  • What does one use to perform safer oral sex on a woman?

(Answer: a dental dam.

  • If you don’t want to masturbate, what should you eat for breakfast?

(Answer: Corn flakes or rice crackers— “both invented as anti-masturbation foods.”)

  • People who enjoy putting on fuzzy animal costumes for sexual purposes are called…?

(Answer: Furbies)

  • At which age do you text a picture of your naked bits?

(Answer: 18, Both students and teachers got this wrong)

  • On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

(Answer: gonorrhea [laughter])

  • Which country has a penis festival and a vagina festival?

(answer: Japan.)

There were nearly 50 questions in total, all similar in nature to the above.  Not one questioned pertained to the billions of tax dollars that are spent on healthcare-related costs to treat sexually transmitted diseases that are 100% preventable. Not one question addressed the mental health issues related to promiscuity.  Not one question related to abstinence.

This was not “sex ed.” This glimpse into Sex at Lunch was like watching an infomercial on how pedophiles groom their victims.  Teachers, inviting kids to talk smut, giving them license to access— “study” — porn, promoting masturbation and equating intelligence to retained knowledge about porn star’s penis length would typically result in criminal investigation. Instead, school administrators and a VPD school liaison officer enabled 250 “soft target” minors to be victimized and corrupted.

This program is about the adults fulfilling their perverted needs.  This was not about the best interest of minor children. These teachers/administrators and other enablers of this twisted program betrayed the trust of parents, betrayed the trust of these students by sexually exploiting them, and should be held to account.

If an adult neighbour or relative were caught inviting children to watch porn, discuss masturbation and engage sex talk about people dressing up in animal costumes to enjoy sex, that person would be arrested. Being a teacher and engaging in this conduct within the school does not immunize the conduct.

As the event came to a close, Ms. Stiletto once again went up on stage.  With mic in hand she thanked the participants, gave the kids a swag bag (unknown what the contents were) and then proceeded to thank the teachers by gifting them each with a bottle of sexual lubricant.  I took a picture—and was immediately chastised by a teacher, whom I ignored and waved off as I was trying to hear the last few words of the show.

The teachers began to get upset.  My friend and I had also brought information to distribute to the kids.  We began distribution as we left the auditorium.  The teachers were distraught, nasty and continued to follow us as we made our way out of the school.

Vice Principal King caught up with us outside the courtyard and asked us to stop and talk with him.  We did.  I asked him for his name, and he provided it.  He asked for mine, I told him he would find out soon enough; then we resumed our distribution of information for the students.  The information clearly identified CultureGuard as the agent, and provided contact information.

The teachers followed as we made our way to the sidewalk, more joining in, including a scrawny, screeching woman who didn’t comprehend the fact that the public sidewalk is not part of the school’s property.  She wanted to pick a fight but backed down when I turned to address her, and her colleagues cautioned her.

Students gathered and were smiling as we gave them info on how to record and report sex activist teachers and/or support their LGBTQ++ friends with their own money, not tax-payers’.  Both very positive messages!  We continued distributing our two-sided information bulletins on the sidewalk as the students returned back to school to commence their classes after lunch.

Transcript of the Sex at Lunch event.

Part 2 – Vancouver Police assault and Death Threats!?!

Part 3 –  Vancouver School District Lawyers don’t want parents to know!!  They sent a letter threatening me with legal action if I distribute my “Sex at Lunch” recording and pictures!!  Here is my response.

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Click here for PDF version of Kari Simpson’s Statement about “Sex at Lunch” at Lord Byng Secondary School on June 14 2017

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  1. I was a teacher for 31 years and NEVER encountered such horrid, disgusting and deviant behaviour! I cannot imagine ALL of the teachers on staff going along with this craziness and I am thoroughly disgusted with those teachers who support this criminal behaviour.
    Part of me thanks GOD that I never had to address such filth in my career and part of me wishes I were back in the education system so that I could call out these creeps! What can ordinary, decent people do about this sneaky perversion and why do educators not take a stand against this sexual rot ? Carry on, Kari !! Bravo !!!

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