Vancouver High School ‘Sex at Lunch’ Exposed!

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June 29, 2017

Vancouver High School ‘Sex at Lunch’ Exposed!

VSB lawyer tries to bully parents’ rights advocate for

telling parents what goes on in secret at Lord Byng

VANCOUVER June 29, 2017 ( — Parents’ rights advocate Kari Simpson has received a lawyer’s letter threatening her with prosecution for ‘illegally’ telling parents about a secret sex show at Lord Byng Secondary School.

The noon-hour program, called “Sex at Lunch”, was held at Lord Byng secondary school in Vancouver on June 14, 2017. It was (according to the unnamed teacher who introduced the quiz) the third year for this event at LBSS. The teacher, dressed in skin-tight jeans and red stiletto heels, told the audience of about 250 students and teachers that the students had ‘won’ the quiz two years previously, and added “Grade 12 will always have the advantage; since it seems you have more sex addicts than anyone else in the school.”

Samples of the questions asked during the quiz:

  • If you don’t want to masturbate, what should you eat for breakfast?
  • People who enjoy putting on funky animal costumes for sexual purposes are called…?
  • At which age do you text a picture of your naked bits?
  • What does one use to perform safer oral sex on a woman?
  • On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…
    (Answer: gonorrhea [laughter])
  • Which country has a penis festival and a vagina festival?

Kari Simpson says she attended the event in order to learn and report on what was going on, as “parents have a right to know what their kids are being exposed to.”

Simpson hit the audio recorder on her cell phone and left it running, she anticipated some interesting content when the moderator of the quiz, Geography teacher Sean Nugent, directed the students not to take pictures or post the event on social media.

Simpson wasn’t disappointed. “It was like attending an infomercial on the tactics pedophiles use to lure children”, says Simpson, a well-known child advocate and former member of the provincial government’s Child and Family Review Board.

As an advocate, and in her Quasi-judicial role on the CFRB, Simpson has had to deal with the child victims of sexual predators and their stories of how they were groomed into participation and keeping secrets— “Sex talk, ‘your parents don’t understand’, ‘you’re so mature’, talk about masturbation/touching, exposure to porn… and these are the tactics used by the Sex at Lunch teachers—the same tactics used by pedophiles. There needs to be a full investigation into what has gone on and why so many adults, in positions of trust, turned a blind eye and remained silent while students were being sexually exploited,” says Simpson.

If things weren’t bad enough, during the conclusion of the event the woman in the stilettos returned to the stage to “award and thank” the four teacher participants by giving them each a bottle of sex lube. Simpson snapped a picture of that presentation—which has now become the subject of legal threats.

On June 27th, Simpson received a letter from Harris & Company lawyer Keith Mitchell, threatening her with legal action if she failed to remove the photo from her social media accounts and destroy her recording and all copies.

Simpson’s response to Mitchell:

In response to your assertions concerning my activities at the school and since; you are correct, I admit that I recorded this abusive, sexually exploitive event— “Sex at Lunch”—that was promoted and took place in a publicly-funded school.

You are semi-correct in that I have posted an image (not “images”) on social media.

You are incorrect to think I will remove them, will refrain from adding more or will limit distribution. You will note that, unlike the teachers and administrators, I have protected the identity of the children; I will not exploit them. But the so-called “teachers” and other facilitators to this obscene production will be exposed. Parents have a right to know whether they can trust their children’s’ teachers, vice principals, superintendents, and trustees…

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Click here for legal threat later from VSD lawyer, Keith Mitchell

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  1. I will fight to keep children safe, they are abusing our children in our schools, and parents need to stand up against this. It’s literally killing them in their minds and bodies. Where are the parents here? Who will say no more! I’m one grandma who will stand up and fight for justice.

  2. I am dumbfounded. Absolutely at a loss for words. If I had a child who was a student in that school there would be hell to pay.

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