Stop SOGI Rally in Support of Barry Neufeld


When: November 21st, 7pm

Where: Evergreen Hall, 291 Corbould St, Chilliwack, BC

Speakers: Kari Simpson, Barry Neufeld and Laura-Lynn Thompson


In support of 25-year School Board veteran Barry Neufeld and to learn hidden truths about SOGI course materials.


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  1. Good luck with your rally tonight! I wish you could get a massive turnout, but i’ve noticed that even free-speech is being controlled and manipulated now, including by the media!

    A pro-Sogi counter-rally tonight in Abbotsford is being advertised and promoted in print media and even on my local radio station (cknw), but your rally is being buried and hidden by the media – obviously to keep as many people as possible from knowing about it and attending. The agenda seems to be, to keep the majority of parents and grandparents silenced, crushed and powerless, and bullied into submission by the SJW’s and Sogi-pushers!

    The sogi agenda has been interwoven into every subject and every grade in the new B.C. curriculum. Our children and grandchildren are being TAUGHT lies! It’s social engineering by indocrination of our kids. It undermines parents and families, and, essentially the schools have taken full ownership of our childrens’ minds. OUR CHILDREN!!! And this is legislated by the Government, Board of Education, Teachers! It’s shocking.

    Hope your rally tonight goes well and gives sane voices for our kids!


  2. The Chilliwack Culture Guard presentation at Evergreen Hall last night provided a large crowd of attendees truthful and factual information about SOGI. Special thanks to M.C., Darrell Furgason, and speakers, Barry Neufeld (Chilliwack school trustee), Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson (co-host of the 700 Club in Canada) and Kari Simpson (Culture Guard). Each of you exhibited courage and leadership in opposition to the SOGI ideology of cultural deconstruction. Your supporters shall continue to grow in numbers as BC families become increasingly aware of this trojan horse disguised as an anti-bullying/safe school initiative.

    • I think what the government is allowing to have taught to our children in school is complete and utter nonsense. Their sense of reality is all distorted. We all need to stick together and push back and have this removed from the teaching curriculum. To anyone reading this Jordan B Peterson is a professor at the university of Toronto, he’s facing very similar circumstances and nearly lost his job. He has many interesting videos surrounding this very topic. If you don’t know of him already check him out on Youtube. Thanks to those that are taking action to stop this bs!

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