Citizen Express editorial by Ron Gray

Poisoned news and ‘junk-speak’

Welcome to the first issue of Citizen Express—a new addition to your media spectrum that’s going to expand the range of ‘permissible’ ideas in print (and in broadcast media, too).

As a long-time journalist—trained in the craft at the elbow of the late, great Jack Webster—I’ve long lamented the gradual decline and corruption of the ‘news’ media: what was once journalism has now become a megaphone for only one side of political and social discourse. The radical left. The so-called ‘legacy’ media (which many now call ‘the lamestream’ media) routinely exclude news and opinion that might represent traditional values and principles, so that the media today present only one side of what should be wholesome, intelligent debates.

It’s no longer information or ‘news’; it’s propaganda.

The diminishing few of us who grew up during the Second World War remember when ‘propaganda’ was a dirty word: the infamous Joseph Goebbels served as Adolf Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, working to death (quite literally!) the dictum that “If you tell a big enough lie, and tell it often enough, people will begin to believe it.”

The ‘news’ has today degenerated into propaganda.

How can you take seriously, for example, what the lamestream media tell you about the various “Gay Pride” events across the country, when those same media—CBC, CTV, Global TV and many newspapers—are actually sponsors of those events? They won’t tell you, for example, about the public nudity that now goes unpunished in those parades.

A few years ago, the Toronto police arrested the contingent of “T.N.T. Men”—the title stands for “Totally Nude Toronto Men”—and charged them with public nudity. But a ‘gay’ Crown Attorney refused to prosecute them—he said they were not naked: they were wearing shoes!

The Toronto police (and in other cities, too) stopped arresting TNT Men; why bother, if the Crown won’t act on the charges?

Parents who take their children to see these disgusting spectacles are guilty of child abuse! And so are the ‘news’ media that refuse to tell the public the truth.

Why have the ‘news’ media abandoned their role as public watchdogs? I think there are two reasons.

One is that the reporters and editors love their own sin, and they feel comforted by seeing others get away with publicly sinning.

The other reason is much odder, and more obscure: I call it ‘righteousness envy’.

Back in the 1940s and 1950s, when Jim Crow laws were prevalent in the American South—when Atticus Finch, the lawyer in To Kill A Mockingbird—was a media hero, we who worked in the news media saw a righteous crusade, and we rallied to oppose racial prejudice.

It was the right cause, at the right time.

But that battle has now been largely won: certainly, there may still be a few bigoted individuals; but governments have learned their lesson, and have moved to eradicate racial bias wherever they can.

But today’s reporters and editors yearn for a similarly righteous cause to take up; so they’ve embraced the sexual activists who are trying to change the public culture by corrupting a whole generation of students.

The result is “poisoned news”; and poisoned news has given rise to the phenomenon of “junk-speak”: people saying meaningless things in defence of worthless causes.

They’re merely repeating what they’ve heard over and over again in the media.

And when enough people do that often enough, when the lies are repeated loudly enough, people begin to believe those lies.

And then the culture no longer serves the people—it degrades them.

And freedom of thought and speech perish.

Citizen Express will try to oppose that tide of poisoned news and junk-speak.

If you know about examples that need to be exposed, contact us at We want to give you a voice, and give the public a reason to respect their media again.



  1. Most Excellent article.
    We will look forward to simple, common sense truth being spoken repeatedly and changing the mindset of our Nation, Our Youth and Our Government.
    Thank you Citizen Express.

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