“Life Matters” – part 3 of 3

Join RoadKill Radio co-host and Culture Guard President Kari Simpson in this 3-part series as she examines the lack of abortion laws in Canada. This episode’s guest is Senator Gerry St. Germain, who discusses his address to the Senate of Canada in which he calls for a long-overdue government stance on abortion and infanticide.

The issue of Canada’s lack of accountability for baby-killing has recently been highlighted by the Katrina Effert case. Ms. Effert strangled her baby boy Rodney, was convicted of murder by two separate juries and sentenced to life in jail, yet had the charge dropped to “infanticide” and her sentence reduced to a suspended sentence – no jail time – by a rogue judge. To add insult to this judicial injury, the Supreme Court of Canada has cowardly refused to hear an appeal. Canada has effectively legalized baby-killing.

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