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Sex activists scam school boards with ‘anti-bullying’ program OUT IN SCHOOLS, luring students to porn sites—and more!

Sept. 12, 2011 (Culture Guard) — NDP MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert’s “spouse”, Romi Chandra, is the author of OUT IN SCHOOLS—a gateway program used to sexualise students and introduce them to homosexualist “culture”; OUT IN SCHOOLS is endorsed by the BC Teachers’ Federation and heavily funded by BC taxpayers and corporate sponsors.

Kari Simpson, former Executive Director of the Citizens Research Institute, and now President of Culture Guard—a new national organization that works on behalf of civil, common-sense Canadians—said today:

“I believe parents will be shocked and righteously angry when they find out what their children have been subjected to. I hope parents sue their local school boards! I doubt that the OUT IN SCHOOLS ‘Youth Resources’, which direct students to hard-core pornography, including ‘gay’ porn and homosexist propaganda, fits within Section 76 (2) of the School Act, which mandates that ‘the highest morality shall be inculcated’.”

The OUT IN SCHOOLS “Teachers’ Guide” states that it is a secondary school resource; but Culture Guard has obtained pictures of OUT IN SCHOOLS facilitators Ross Johnstone and Jen “Jenderfuck” Sung presenting it in elementary schools.

“The scandalous problems associated with the program don’t stop with the OUT IN SCHOOLS-recommended ‘youth resources’ or the political and homosexist left-wing propaganda that fill its pages,” says Simpson. “There are serious and possibly criminal activities involved with this program.”

A news conference will be held at 11 a.m. Tuesday, September 13, 2011 in front of the BC Teachers’ Federation Offices, located at 100-550 West 6th Avenue, Vancouver.

A video, OUT IN SCHOOLS is No Picnic, is available for viewing now at; Part 2, Scammed, Swooned & Corrupted, will be available after the news conference. Viewers should be warned that portions of the video are explicit, and not suitable for younger viewers—including those of the target ages of the in-school program, OUT IN SCHOOLS.

Members of the media who attend will be given password-limited access to details of the Police complaint to be filed earlier the same day. At the news conference, Kari Simpson will disclose shocking details that Culture Guard has exposed involving the OUT IN SCHOOLS program, and the games they like children to play.

[Update: Click here to see how the complaint was rejected by the receiving officer!]


For more information please contact Kari Simpson 604 514-1614 or by e-mail:


  1. Hi Kari: Pastor Myers here. Someone sent me a note implying that the Out in School material has been withdrawn. Just want to make sure this has happened. Could you keep me posted. There seems to be a very strong movement developing here in Ont. regarding this kind of material

  2. Kari, you are an incredible bigot. And an obvious BULLY. That is why these initiatives are necessary – because ridiculous people like you exist. Talk about home-schooling running amock!

  3. Thanks Kari for exposing the scandals in BC public schools. As concerned citizens who have to foot the bills, we thank you for letting us know how our tax dollars are being squandered, for standing up for parental rights, and most of all for protecting the children.

    It’s time to hold the Education Ministry and all school board trustees accountable!

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