Embracing Insanity, Celebrating Fascism—Welcome to Canada!

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I finally did it!  I found three good reasons—if the word ‘reason’ can still be used in a world of delusion and insanity—as to why I should embrace non-binary-gender-fluidity/stupidity-of-any-kind… on any given moment. First, because of a courageously resilient and brilliant guy, University of Toronto’s’ Dr. Jordan Peterson. Second, because of an outstanding and culturally brave lawyer named Jared Brown. Finally, because of a bold and wise pastor who cares enough to speak the truth: Paul Dirks, whom I recently had the privilege of interviewing for Culture Guard.

Because of my stubborn adherence to logic and my abhorrence for fascism, I’ll likely share a fate similar to these three men.

In a few weeks, it’s highly probable that political insanity will prevail, and Bill C-16 will be passed—a bill Prime Minister Trudeau ordered his Minister of Justice and Attorney-General, Jody Wilson-Raybould, to bring to fruition.  In his “Mandate Letter” to her, Justin Trudeau sets out this assault on Canada:

  • Introduce government legislation to add gender identity as a prohibited ground for discrimination under the Canadian Human Rights Act, and to the list of distinguishing characteristics of “identifiable group” protected by the hate speech provisions of the Criminal Code.

This has now been done. Despite the legal and logical presentations of people like Dr. Peterson, Jared Brown, and Paul Dirks before the Senate hearings, C-16 will almost certainly become law.  I suspect it won’t take long before the crosshairs of the politically absurd Human Wrongs minions and the hate speech police—who offend so easily—will target the voices of reason and any who refuse to conform to insanity.

Be the Victim

Like Dr. Peterson, Brown and Dirks, I too will become a victim of my wilful adherence to logic, common-sense, science, and refusal to embrace crack-pot delusion, whether it involves a person, government or the law. I will not be forced to address a biological man in a skirt as “she”—regardless of testicle status or penile performance or lack thereof; nor will I “affirm” a confused child—egged on and abused by sex activists and/or “progressive” parents—in their conflicted feelings of wanting to be a princess, a unicorn… or the opposite sex, and to self-identify as such. I will not “respect” or refer to a woman, who pauses her testosterone hormonal abuse treatment so she can have a baby before chemically transitioning to a really strange looking person, as a man.  Nor will I share in her selfish delusion by lying to her child that she is a man. She is not.

We are in a cultural war, and there is nothing civil about it.

Because I believe in freedom of speech, thought and belief; and because I take seriously our shared responsibility to fiercely protect children, I will cause disruption in the streets and in the schools whenever harm invades.

I will equip voters and arm students with truth and facts.  I will not be forced to celebrate the obscene financial costs—billions of dollars!—and the associated medical and social costs associated with men having sex with men.

I will not be forced to “respect” a sex activist’s right to engage in their “sex positive” self-indulgences until such time as I am no longer required to foot the taxpayer bill for curing their 100 percent preventable diseases. I will not agree to fund their phoney “Not-For-Profit” political organizations that devour government funding like they were eating pizzas; nor their sex-change operations, hormone replacement therapies or the $900-a-month Truvada pill regime to enable a bunch of horny guys to deliberately indulge in what they know are risky sexual practices with other men (there’s a lobbying effort underway right now by the sex activists to make all other hard-working Canadians pay for this).

I refuse to “embrace” the agenda of sexual “diversity.” I’ll oppose and expose the indoctrination of children through the government-monopoly public schools by weak-minded conformist teachers who embrace such notorious nonsense and who wilfully abuse children and deceive parents.

Crime and Punishment

The good news is that when those of us who refuse to conform, comply and compromise are finally locked-up, I can declare myself to be “gender non-binary,” and on that day “identify” as being “male-gendered,” and then demand—as a delusional and unstable sex activist, and armed with my new rights under the Human Rights Code (they always get what they want)—and then demand to be placed in the same prison as Canada’s most articulate and intelligent free-speech patriots, Dr. Peterson, Jared Brown and Paul Dirks!

Once there, we can reminisce about a once-great nation called Canada, and how—if only Canadians hadn’t elected a not-so-bright drama teacher as their Prime Minister—we could have stopped the insanity.

Hmm, just a thought: it might be better for those guys to identify as women and meet me in a women’s prison!  They’d probably enjoy it more—and be far safer!

Kari Simpson
Executive Director, CultureGuard

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  1. Damn it, Kari, you are good. I wish I could articulate my feelings in a like manner, but with limited education that is not likely to take place. I used to do pretty well as a ‘political street fighter’ back in ‘daddy’s’ day, but those days no longer exist and it will not be overly long until the same can be said of me. but that does not diminish my penchant to make comments at moments in time that seem appropriate. You, along with Spencer Fernando, are beacons of light in a very foggy atmosphere and it is my sincere hope that your messages reach many and instill in them a sense of pride in Canada and a sense of responsibility in keeping Canada as Canada is supposed to be, not what some ‘dreamer’ or, worse, traitor, deems it to be, so he can regard himself as a ‘saviour’ capable of, if not instilling a ‘new direction’ in our collective psyche that would enable him to lay claim to the mistaken reality that it was he and he alone capable of such power. On that note I close with the comment that I certainly hope to find and read other comments of yours.

  2. The Bible tells us that God created… that reality was removed from our schools, and our public places long ago. The Bible tells us that God created man and woman in his own image, male and female… that is being removed from our schools through gender confusion. God declared that man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh… this is refuted and rejected by those who would propose against a male and female union as the Word of God declares. Much more can be said but only to say that they are not so much against Judeo/Christian morality but against the God that Christians and Jews worship, for what is taking place today is a rejection of the God of the Bible.

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