Is Your Child Being Manufactured Into a Sex Activist Pawn?

Rainbow haired safe is not enough

Grooming children to become sex activists! That is a thing of the past. “Grooming” involves a subtle erosion of values and common sense. A feel-good lunacy develops from misinformation, gullibility, deception and pizza or other celebratory-associated items within the classroom. Your child’s mind is slowly altered to understand and accept a new confused social order.

Classroom manufacturing is the new and improved model of “grooming.” It expedites the process of brainwashing students into becoming sex activists, societal anarchists and “SJWs” (Social Justice Warriors). It compounds lunacy with delusion, and is now mandatory as approved school curriculum. This process deliberately creates confusion within children in the early stages of their development.

Children are currently being brainwashed into believing that there is no such thing as “male” or “female,” “boy” or “girl.” Such terms are now despised as being binary assigned societal gender constraints. Instead, children are informed that they can be any one of 63 genders depending on how they feel that day. One child in the Langley school district informed her parents that she was now a Caterpillar.

There are no “moms” or “dads” in children’s lives, according to the new world classroom order only guardians. The “sex-positive” screw-anyone-love-everyone socially irresponsible mantra gets played in a multitude of ways in the classroom, as it is now required to be integrated in all forms of studies. The anti-family political architects create pliable and programmable mini activists who are devoid of knowing right from wrong. Your children can no longer tell the difference between truth and deception. They will emotionally despise anyone—including parents—who attempt to speak fact into their lives.

This brainwashing technique exploits and preys on the vulnerability of a child. The newly manufactured being is then sent on missions within their schools—now at the behest of teachers—to create artwork, videos or school reports that reflect their alliance and willingness to contribute to societal disruption and the sex activist agenda of sexual and biological anarchy.

Ontario, Alberta and BC Teacher’s unions, aided and abetted by leftist lunacy, are fast-tracking the classroom brainwashing while bewildered parents try to rally support. The largest obstacle in convincing unaware parents that this is transpiring in the classroom is to bring them to a point of understanding the this is their child’s classroom reality. Once they grasp the depth of insanity that propagates from this educational “anti-bullying” exercise, parental outrage and righteous anger quickly follow.

Stop the abuse of children by sex activists. Stop the disruption of our civil society by these political proponents of our education system.

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  1. Grooming. Isn’t that what a pedophile does to gain a child’s trust only to abuse them. And now it seems to be pushed by teacher unions and teachers.

  2. This Global moment is outrageous. Their are two biological sexs.
    The Liberals want to brainwash our Chrildren into a non science base society. Discusting, they have no right to change our Chrildrens thinking of themselves.

  3. I recently completed and published a book on this exact topic. As an Ontario school teacher I am seeing it happen. My book “My Child, My Chance” lays out the strategies and motivation behind the sex ed curriculum and equips parents to guard and guide their parents through it.

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