Social Justice 101: Get Violent and Lie About It


12 October 2016


Yesterday I went to a rally in support of University of Toronto professor Jordan B. Peterson’s free speech, and in support of free speech for students in general.

Unfortunately, counter protesters showed up, bringing with them a white noise machine to silence the speakers, as well as their shrill voices that continually yelled “shame” and “bigot.”

As usual, I was pushed around at the rally in a stunning display of “peaceful protest” and “honesty” from the far left.

The actions in this video have been reported to the Toronto police and I am filing criminal assault charges.

I want to make it VERY clear that although I am objectively a victim of assault under the Criminal Code, I refuse to allow this to ever change my mentality into that of a victim.

I am so blessed to live in Canada, so blessed to live in a country where the worst problem I have to deal with are some weak SJWs.

That being said, considering how pathetic these radicals are, it would be very sad if I continued to allow them to push me and others around.