B.C. MLAs Punked into Raising Gay Flag by Lying Sex Activist

Feb. 19, 2014 (RKRNews) — Clearly, BC’s government officials are too busy gushing and chumming with sex-activist-cum-MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert to learn the facts behind his “Nyet!” to Sochi, and his lies about the status of homosexuals in Russia.

“Instead,” says Kari Simpson, “Premier Clark, Attorney-General (and Justice Minister) Suzanne Anton, and Speaker of the House Linda Reid built him a media platform, right under the Legislature flagpole, with the Speaker of the House—decked out in full regalia—slapping him on the back and applauding as lie after lie slithered out.”

“It’s shameful, and a disgrace! These women are supposed to be role models? They’re goofs, gullible and silly—and apparently, will swallow anything,” says Simpson.

Simpson, president and CEO of the Internet public affairs site RoadKillRadio.com, has written to Spencer Chandra Herbert, challenging him to provide facts to support his serious accusations about Russia.  In her letter, she flatly calls Herbert a liar.

Simpson is armed with both a legal opinion about the law recently passed by the Russian Federation, and an English translation of it; and clearly, nothing in the new law makes “criminals” of Russian homosexuals.

Suzanne Anton, Attorney General for British Columbia, released this bizarre statement in an email to her, says Simpson:

Equal rights for the LGBT community are fundamental human rights so we are pleased to join with colleagues from across the political spectrum and support the raising of the Pride Flag at the British Columbia Legislature. The flag will be raised after Question Period today at approximately at 3:00 pm.”

The politically-motivated flag-raising took place Feb. 13, 2014. “Clearly she is ill-informed, grossly naïve, and ripe for a good sex activist punking; moreover, she seems to have forgotten that the flags that fly at the Parlaiment Buildings represent the people of British Columbia, not a small minority of political activists with a fraudulant agenda,” says Simpson.

Simpson says it is time for British Columbia to have a constructive look at what is happening in schools, and also the colossal medical and social costs to taxpayers associated with the practice of homosexuality in British Columbia.

“The media and our elected officials have to grow up and begin to have an informed, open, logical, truthful and reasoned discussion about the issue,” she said.  “Most British Columbians would be horrified to see how their tax dollars are being used and abused, and even more horrified to learn how students—a captive audience for sex activists—are being subjected to politically-motivated propaganda that has life-changing, and often deadly, consequences.

In the meantime, says Simpson to the Premier and the Attorney General, “Take down the flag. Every day it flies, you are advertising to those of us who are informed that you are so punkable. You owe British Columbians a big apology for disgracing us in this way.”

Homosexuality was decriminalized in Russia in 1993, Simpson points out; and the recently-passed law only prohibits propaganda that promotes non-traditional sex from being disseminated to minor children.

“Russia is on the right track,” says Simpson. “They just say: ‘Don’t lie to the kids!’ That’s what we should say, too.”



Kari Simpson                (604) 514-1614  Email: cultureguard@gmail.com

Simpson’s letter to Spencer Chandra Herbert click here

Legal Opinion on the Russian law here

English translation of the law in Russian to protect children here


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  1. Dear Kari:

    I think too many ex-gay/ex-transgender people are alone or feel like they are out there by themselves. I know that Living Waters is still around but I think what has happened is many ex-gays and ex-transgendered people are not in touch with other exgay/trans people. Or they may be but we don’t seem to have as many meetings to gather as we used to. Others may be talking about what is going on in their small group but really there isn’t a lot of talk. I know you talk about it but I lost track of you too while being involved in the DTES. Just a thought. We need to wake people up, let them know that they aren’t alone and start gelling together as a group. I spoke to a friend in Singapore (not from the lifestyle) he told me that is what happened there.



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