Culture Guard charges School Board with promoting hatred

Culture Guard news release

April 18, 2012

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Culture Guard charges School Board with promoting hatred


VANCOUVER, April 18, 2012 (CultureGuard) — Culture Guard has filed a human rights complaint against the Vancouver School Board, charging that the VSB has used and promoted in its meetings, policies and its schools, the use of hateful, defamatory and demeaning terminology and has facilitated and endorsed the “Out In Schools” program, a program that is designed to promote hatred and contempt for identifiable groups, contrary to the BC Human Rights Code.


The offensive terms specified include (but are not limited to) terms like “homophobe”, “homophobic” and “homophobia”.


“Such terms are designed to promote hatred and contempt, they are used to isolate, marginalize, and belittle individuals and groups that hold opinions at variance to those of the sex activists within the education establishment,” Culture Guard president Kari Simpson stated. “They have no legitimate use; they give the appearance of medical or psychological terminology, but they don’t appear in recognized medical or psychological dictionaries. They are simply slurs invented for hateful propaganda purposes.”


The Culture Guard complaint asks the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal to instruct the VSB to immediately cease the use of materials and policies “that project, advise, counsel and/or indoctrinate students, staff or the broader community, in any manner, that the terms ‘homophobe’, ‘homophobia’, ‘homophobic’, etc. are acceptable.” It also seeks an official apology from the VSB to “all individuals and groups harmed, belittled, demeaned and/or otherwise adversely affected by the Vancouver School Board’s failure to respect all individuals and groups, by cultivating hatred, ignorance and contempt for their opinions, religious beliefs and/or cultural practices as they pertain to issues directly related to biologically and economically harmful sexual practices and the requirement of students and staff to ‘celebrate’ the aforementioned practices.”

Ms. Simpson is acting on behalf of Chinese Christians but anticipates a number of other groups and individuals will be added if the Vancouver School Board fails to remedy the situation.




Contact:      Kari Simpson

(604) 514-1614


  1. So I’m not alone after all! Like many others while I disagree with the gay lifestyle, my attitude towards gays is mandated by my Christian beliefs. Christ himself showed nothing but respect, kindness, recognition and love to those with whose lifestyle He disagreed. In John chapter 4 He demonstrated this attitude of respect and acceptance to a woman who was guilty (by His standards and the standards of the day) of sexual immorality. He also defended a woman who was guilty of adultery, not because he agreed with adultery, but because he respected and cared for the woman. In contrast He lambasted the religious hypocrites. Lord save me from hypocrisy!

    I certainly don’t hate gays, and believe that they should have the same rights as I do. Nor do I fear them. But because I hold to a biblical view of homosexuallity I am labelled a homophobe.

    There is something I fear however. I fear that even in expressing my views I will be subject to vitriolic criticsm or worse.

  2. Statscan released a report on bullying for 2010 – there was a drop in bullying. The stats showed that persons were bullied at a significantly higher percentage for their religion than for their sexual orientation. Race was the foremost reason for bullying. Very interesting and enlightening.

    “More than half of all hate crimes reported to police in 2010 were motivated by race. Religion was the motivating factor behind another 28 per cent of reported hate crimes, while crimes based on sexual orientation accounted for 16 per cent, up from 13 per cent in 2009.” [the 13% is false – the 2008/2009 stats show sexual orientation accounted for only 1 in 10 hate crimes]



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