VPD Fail #2: Cops Blow an “Investigation” of Their Own Made-Up Charges!

This 3-part series is dedicated to Vancouver Police Chief Constable Jim Chu, who needs all the help he can get to put his clown posse straight.

In Part 2, Culture Guard President Kari Simpson details to Ron Gray how the Vancouver Police Department “investigated” charges that were made up by Constable Eric Lott, who – after refusing to take notes, and refusing to accept a detailed written explanation of the charges – later fabricated outlandish charges based on faulty memory, preconceived notions, and web surfing. Yes, Constable Lott Googled Kari Simpson!

Wasting valuable police time (and taxpayer dollars) chasing phantoms instead of clarifying the charges with the complainant – whom they turned away – the VPD ambled through a lackadaisical “investigation” of telephone interviews and Internet searches. They concluded that Lott’s charges were unsubstantiated. Kari Simpson’s charges have yet to be addressed.

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