What Complaint? Is the Vancouver Police Department now Reading Minds?

Vancouver Police Refuse to Take a Complaint – and Then Clear the Culprit!!!

Kari Simpson’s attempt to file a police complaint against the “Out In Schools” program hit a brick wall in the form of one Vancouver Constable Eric Lott. After refusing to take the well-documented evidence, the Vancouver Police Department then proceeded to clear OIS of any wrongdoing – with none of the evidence in their possession! Does the Vancouver Police Department read minds? Join Ron Gray as he interviews Kari Simspon about the amazing follow-up of her non-complaint.

14 comments for “What Complaint? Is the Vancouver Police Department now Reading Minds?

  1. Tomasz
    December 3, 2011 at 6:37 pm

    The police is as politically correct corrupt as other government organizations in Canada. This is one of the results of a preference in hiring given to various minorities, including homosexuals. Is Constable Eric Lott a homosexual or just a useful idiot?

  2. Burnaby Parents
    December 7, 2011 at 1:28 am

    Time for an investigation of the Vancouver Police Department. Why is not the Vancouver Police Department protecting all the citizens of Vancouver? Do school children not count for the Vancouver Police Department? Does the Vancouver Police Department have a hidden agenda?

    Time for some answers.

    There has been a lot of hate speech directed at parents, children and staff particularly in Burnaby. Why has there been no action by the Police Departments and the Government? There is a lot of fear now in Burnaby. Parents, children and school staff need protection in Burnaby and probably elsewhere in BC and the police departments and government need to help.

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