Video Part 2: Scammed, Swooned and Corrupted: the True Agenda of OUT IN SCHOOLS

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This is the second in a series of Public Service Announcements that exposes the true agenda of British Columbia’s “OUT IN SCHOOLS” program, introducing OUT ON SCREEN. Warning: Graphic Content.

Additional Warning: Name-calling just shows your ignorance. Read, watch, listen… and disagree if you want to.

Out In Schools (OIS) is an anti-bullying program being used by the school boards of Vancouver, Burnaby and other British Columbia cities and towns. While anti-bullying programs are noble and unfortunately necessary programs, OIS has proven to be seriously flawed. On September 13, 2011, Culture Guard president Kari Simpson attempted to file a complaint with the Vancouver Police Department, asking for an investigation into an apparent fraud being committed by OIS. [Update: Click here to see how the complaint was rejected by the receiving officer!]

The OIS workbook and website have Student Resource links in it that lead to websites with “adult content” – porn, that is. Since Culture Guard has exposed this fact, OIS has removed the offending link from its own website and is asking schools to remove the information from their workbooks, and at least one school board has announced that the web links are now being blocked by their school computers, all of which validates Culture Guard‘s initial claims.

Culture Guard further complains that children are being invited to venues outside of their schools where their own parents are banned and where games such as “Lesbian Debauchery” and “The Queeriodic Table” are played amid sexually explicit “art” and advertising for sexual products and services. Culture Guard believes this sexualization of children is wrong, is politically motivated, and has no place in a public school program.

While detractors have been quick to accuse Culture Guard of homophobia and gay-bashing, they are missing the point by a mile. Politics, fraud, and child endangerment are the problems here. The fact that gay activists are using these tactics is incidental. has very clearly identified the political agenda in an article at:

Free speech is fully supported by Culture Guard, but apparently not by many of its detractors. Culture Guard does not judge adults on their behaviour behind closed doors, but it certainly objects to what some adults are doing to our children behind those doors. Culture Guard believes that political indoctrination does not have a place in public schools.

OIS needs to go back to the drawing board. This time, parents should be involved. Schools need effective anti-bullying programs, but not those that exclude all but one one special interest group and have built-in political agendas.

If you want to keep politics out of public school, please contact Christy Clark here:

See Part 1 here.


    • @davely: Please explain how Out In Schools makes our schools safer. And be specific, please. Don’t just quote the rhetoric of the Out In Schools salespeople. You suggest you have such information, so please cite a specific example. As for where they’re getting their information, these Culture Guard people seem pretty specific.

      • i know both teachers and students who have attended and they have nothing but good things to say. homophobic bullying is a MAJOR problem in our schools and anything we can do to reduce the bullying and make queer students feel safe is not only important, but a moral obligation for us all.

        also, i know a filmmaker who made one of the films that is shown. it is a lovely film about family, tradition, and acceptance. perhaps you should watch it.

        by the way, i found this video on Youtube

        obviously youtube is a homosexist pornographic site, you better take down your video immediately or else you’re supporting a company that is indoctrinating our children.

        im being facetious of course… my point is, don’t show videos from other websites and try to imply that out in schools is somehow connected to these things. that like me saying that because I found this video on Youtube, you somehow condone it.

        THEY DO NOT SHOW PORNOGRAPHY IN THE CLASSROOM. You are being intentionally misleading.

      • @davely: They are not being misleading. Nobody said pornography is shown in classrooms. The websites are links found in a workbook called “Out In Schools,” which is available to all students in the school library. The schools actually block these sites from school computers, which is an admission on their part that the sites are unacceptable for their students. So why are the links in the workbook? Take them out. Is that so difficult? And stop using the Out In Schools program to lure kids to “queer” film festivals where their parents are not allowed – let alone even told. I was virtually tortured in high school by anti-gay bullies. The last thing I needed was to be enticed to go to porn movies with adult gays! Where is your common sense!?

  1. Your logic seems flawed. While I hate homosexuals as much as the next guy, even to me it seems a stretch to equate rated R films at the Queer Film Festival to the materials that are used at schools with our kids. We (concerned parents that we are) are already hated cause we’re douchebags, do we have to be morons too?

    • @David Barrie: These Culture Guard people don’t seem to display any hate toward gays, so you may be alone in your hate here. And I don’t see their case depending at all on “logic,” but on facts. It may help you see the big picture if you step back from the situation and look at the bigger picture. Did you read the LifeSiteNews article on the bigger picture? It seems that this Out In Schools situation is exactly what LifeSite is talking about. This is about an indoctrination system that has taken decades to develop. It succeeds through naivete, complacency, and that deadliest sin: political correctness.

    • “While I hate homosexuals as much as the next guy” – David, you should be ashamed of yourself. Promoting hate is exactly what Out in Schools is working against. I find your comment deeply disturbing and moronic.

      • Let’s be honest, today’s society says that only white Christians are capable of hate and intolerance. Meanwhile, they are intolerant of white Christians themselves. Double-sided propaganda. The tolerant become intolerant. But that’s how liberals think—backwards.

  2. This is truly shocking. Premier Christy Clark and Education Minister George Abbott should immediately shut down Out In Schools and the pornography.

    Further as all Burnaby school district Trustees are from the Burnaby Citizens Association their candidates Larry Hayes, Ron Burton, Meiling Chia, Harman Pandher, Baljinder Narang, James Wang and Gary Wong need to explain why they allowed the Burnaby public schools to purchase resources that direct children to gay pornography.

  3. I have attended a presentation by Out in Schools. I must say that your video made me laugh out loud! It is completely false, misleading, and full of misinformation. The videos shown in schools are not in the least pornographic and are completely age appropriate. That is the mandate of the organization, to educate and spark discussion. I think it would be a great learning experience for you to attend a presentation and see the work they do. In fact, as a journalist and someone who is the founder of “Culture Guard” it would be the only responsible and decent thing to do – properly research your topic before you create what comes across and a homophobic and nasty smear campaign. If you are going to criticize the work someone else is doing the least you could do it do your own homework!

    • Emma, I don’t see anything in this video that says pornography is shown in schools. You seem to be arguing against something that has not been stated. What kind of homework is that! Out In schools seems like a nice programme to spark discussion. But how is it that kids end up at a party away from school where their parents aren’t allowed in which non-teachers have them play games called Lesbian Debauchery and the Queeriotic Table? Gay or straight doesn’t matter. These kids are being lured.

  4. Rick, if you think you’re NOT hating gays with your (obviously Christian bias) “I don’t hate YOU but you’re going to hell and I hate your happiness” rationale then you are as much a bully as anyone else. OUT in School has nothing to do with pornography. You showed limited media from private sponsors. I notice you didn’t show ANY of the ads from private businesses or religious organizations. There is no “gay agenda.” Stop assuming YOUR view speaks for the majority. YOUR obsession with gay porn is YOUR issue – not anyone else’s. As an educator, I find it terrifying that MY students (of all religions, family structures, ethnicities, and cultures) are being exposed to your surreptitious brand of hate, in any degree. If a student said s/he was gay, I would refer them to PFLAG and their guidance counsellor. Groups like yours who poison the minds of concerned parents are what drive my students to contemplate suicide. You need to look within and try to see the world beyond your own selfish, skewed perspective.

    • @Matt: Yikes! I’m a Christian!? That’s the first I’ve heard of it. And you mean to tell me I’m a self-hating gay? Tell me Matt, if a student said s/he was straight, who would you refer them to? “Groups” of one – like me – just want equal treatment for everyone, not special treatment for a select few. These Culture Guard people haven’t said anything anti-gay; they seem to be against politics and special interests infiltrating public schools. Something you obviously support, sadly. Where do you get your wacky ideas? And you call yourself an “educator!”

  5. Rick: If you’re gay, you’re misguided at best. Culture Guard very specifically refers to infiltration and indoctrination by gay, porographic media in the classroom. Did you watch this video? Did you hear what it said?

    • Matt, I think you’re missing the point here. Gay / porn / pizza / anti-bullying – these are the lures. The kids are the fish. Infiltration and indoctrination by ANY group for ANY reason via public school is just plain wrong.

      • I’m not missing anything. Yes, teens are told they have a space in which to relax. It is supervised by responsible adults. You’re naive if you think teens don’t use, or dismiss, the kind of event titles you suggest. Many teens are thrown out of their homes when they come out. So if they can spend time in an adult-supervised environment with peers (both gay and straight) while also feeling free to be themselves, then you should respect their need and desire to have those opportunities. The Queeriotic Table simply opens the lines of communication about health issues that impact the LGBTQ community – no, it isn’t all STIs and HIV. They discuss bullying, gender identity, homelessness, abuse in relationships, and how to be conscious of – and protected from – unsafe environments. YOU are missing the point. Stop pigeonholing the queer community as if it lives up to the cruel, paranoid delusions of the sexual deviants who try to put their hangups solely on the shoulders of others.

  6. Very disappointing that one should be so upset about out in schools (OIS). I wish that a program like OIS had been available to me when I was a kid in school. I hid from the abusers by being a passive approver of anti-gay people. The kids who are involved now are courageous supporters of all people, or possibly inclined. No one chooses to be Lesbian or Gay, Transgendered, or bisexual it is not a lifestyle anymore than being heterosexual is between a man and a woman. And violence on screen? Just watch TV if that is a complaint.

    • @Brian McG: I took my beatings until one day I fought back (put Billy Priest’s head through a school bus window), and they left me alone after that, at least physically. But thank goodness we didn’t have OIS back then to woo me into cocoon of fantasy. Instead I learned to integrate into a cruel world. Humans are cruel, hateful creatures. Look at all the hate on this website and others – and those are just the detractors.

  7. It certainly isn’t fair to paint the entire film festival as ‘pornographic’. While there may be some films that show nudity and/or sex (like any film festival anywhere in the world, gay, straight or otherwise – God forbid you should stumble upon one in Sweden; your sensitivities would be frayed beyond Hell’s gate…), the majority do not and are centered around themes such as self-acceptance in a homophobic society, feeling a sense of belonging, community awareness and positive contribution to that, and yes, even comedy you could put a PG rating on. I have close friends who produced and directed short films for the festival and it is a direct insult to paint them all with the same brush. Also, your own ‘common sense’ should dictate that this kind of journalism will only hurt your cause in the end, once the bias and slander becomes blatantly obvious. For someone who – on their own video – proclaims to love truth, please honour that proclamation. Besmirching your own name by your false actions and/or statements would only seem to cause you the most harm, to your reputation, and if there truly is a God, to your conscience. Shame on you for using lies to spread your own version of truth.

    I Corinthians 13:4 Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud 5 or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. 6 It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. 7 Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.

  8. It’s one thing to stop bullying, it’s another thing entirely to link bullying to an activist cause such as homosexuality in order to promote its agenda. And just how does showing kids porn, or providing them links to homosexual porn, or invites to gay groups, or having them do promo videos on gay acceptance – how does any of this crap – stop bullying?
    I’ll answer that for you – it doesn’t. But it does provide a familiarity with gay themes that the activists can then exploit. Don’t believe that? Check it out, it is a major part of the gay activist theories expounded in ‘After the Ball’, a book written by two gay professionals about how to ‘homosexualize’ America.
    Out in Schools should be Out of the Schools. As for its sponsors, I’m cancelling my Telus subscription, with a letter to them explaining why. I don’t use the other corporate sponsors, and as long as they support this trash, I won’t.

  9. The video is by Michael Brown – although I was quite certain up until the credits that that was a misspelling, that it was Michelle…
    Misguided Mike is entitled to his/her/its opinions. However, the entire point about theology is that it relies on faith, and the only faith that Michael/Michelle seems to have is in his/her/its own misguided and perverse philosophies.
    A tiresome lecture, and a complete waste of the three minutes and forty-five seconds it takes.

  10. come On Kari. you have too much hate. you either need to come out as a lesbian or just keep your ignorance and hate to yourself. your fearful judgemental God will judge and punish you. You and people like you are the reasons that many youth either attempt or do commit suicide. How do I know? Crap like this was the reason for my first suicide attempt resulting from spiritual and sexual abuse. You are instrumental in destroying youth’s self -esteem. Get laid Kari

    • Wow, sageman – you must have been the President of your school’s stellar debate team! Such attention to facts, such logic, such understanding and articulation of the bigger picture. Thank you for edifying us with your unimpeachable counter-point position.

  11. You pinkos are funny. When the gay agenda has completely destabilized society and WASP culture has finally been assassinated, who will be left to blame for societal ills? Then watch the wolves eat the wolves. Eventually, your gay indoctrination will come back to bite you in the ass. Karma is coming to collect, my friends.

    And for the record, Stephen Harper is not a real conservative. He is a neocon. And neither are the American “evangelicals” prostrating as Christians conservatives. If you want to attack neocons, fine, I’ll join you, but don’t lump them in with authentic nationalists.

    And another thing, the Rockefellers (don’t get much more neocon than that) are the chief drivers of the gay agenda, next to political Zionists. Look at the amount of Jews in the homosexual and feminist lobby… They are hugely over-represented.

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