Culture Guard values the opportunity to be of service to individuals, political groups, community organizations, corporations and government agencies. Culture Guard works to ensure that our nation’s statutes and concepts of “community values” used by agencies will reflect and protect the natural family, parental rights, the sanctity of life, liberty, respect, judicial accountability and the proper rule of law as stated in the Preamble to Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and all facets of citizen-driven democracy that define our civil Canadian Society.

Culture Guard assists those who actively and democratically participate in ensuring that these values are represented and protected. We have a vast library of information and resources, and our advocacy division works tirelessly on behalf of those, both individuals and groups, who require assistance.

Culture Guard recognizes that the political tyranny of politically-correct idiotology must cease; and to this end we direct our endeavours.


  1. Spies? Every bit of cited data is publicly accessible on the Internet.

    Hiding? Kari Simpson identifies herself in every video. She has filed a detailed police report. She has notified the Premier and the Minister of Education. She has given teaching professionals all the data they need to act quickly and responsibly. She has contacted Sponsors, who are reviewing the abundant evidence.

    Lies? Out In Schools workbooks have been pulled from student access by the Burnaby school board. Out In Schools workbook resource links have been blocked from school computers and have been acknowledged by the school board to contain “adult content”. One workbook web link has already removed offending material. Not one single Out In Schools representative has publicly rebutted the evidence.

    Bigotry? Opposing a group that lures and indoctrinates children into a political movement is not a form of bigotry. Political agendas simply have no place in the school room. If you don’t believe this is a political agenda, please read this Queerty article that admits it and explains it.

    Parents are outraged that schools are being used to recruit their children. Families are being betrayed by ill-informed school boards and duplicitous political activists. Why are you so upset, Scout, that we are exposing the fact that perhaps a well-intentioned program is being used to lure children? Why are you against the truth? Are you part of the lie? Shame on you, Scout.

    • You’re rediculous. First of all, no, it’s not true. OIS doesn’t promote any kind of pornography or pornographic material, at all. The films you reference in your video have nothing to do with anything OIS shows students.

      Yes, you are hiding. I see no contact information at all; no phone numbers or e-mail addresses, no way to get in touch with you. So yes, you are hiding. If you have honest issue with it, talk directly to the source before spewing propaganda and bigoted sewage all over the place, and essentially wasting the time of the VPD who could be dealing with more legitimate crimes, such as the hate crimes OIS is trying to educate people about.

      Secondly, this group doesn’t ‘indoctrinate’ children. That seems to be a golden word among you ‘concerned citizens.’ OIS has nothing to do with a political agenda of any kind. It’s educating youth on homophobia. This program doesn’t lure children into a life of ‘sex activism’ or whatever else hogwash you’re claiming. How many children do you personally know that claim to have had their sexuality influenced or changed by any such workshop? Let me guess; NONE.

      My parents aren’t outraged. My friend’s parents aren’t outraged. I see very few angry or outraged parents about this, at all. I see people blinded by hatred or, worse, lured into thinking these organisations are doing horrible things because people like you are feeding them lies and making them paranoid. I’m upset because it’s bigots like YOU that are making it so that queer youth don’t have access to the help they need when they’re feeling alone, when they feel like dying because people like YOU are making their parents think being gay is perverted.

      So don’t you dare tell me i should be ashamed of myself. I’m not the one trying to stop a peaceful organization from spreading the word that being gay is okay; i’m the one trying to save them.

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