Cloverdale Reporter,5 October, 2017
Surrey school lesson telling kids to pretend to be gay draws fire

The Guardian, 25 September 2017
University ‘turned down politically incorrect transgender research’

Aldergrove Star, 18 September, 2017
‘Judgment’ not welcomed

Light Magazine,17 September, 2017
Culture Guard

The Guardian, 16 September, 2017
‘Transition caused more problems than it solved’

Vancouver sun, 4 July, 2017                                                                                                                                          Vancouver school board and conservative activist tussle over sex-ed program at Lord Byng


LifeSiteNews, 6 October 2011
School trustee balks as gay anti-bullying material exposes children to gay porn videos

The BC Catholic, 3 October 2011
Culture Guard takes to offence

24 Hours Vancouver, 29 September 2011
Vancouver school materials link to explicit material

News 1130, 29 September 2011
Vancouver School Board trustee calls website racy

LifeSiteNews, 20 September 2011
Lies, seduction, and criminal activity: pro-family group exposes homosexual ‘Out in Schools’ program

Burnaby Now, 20 September 2011
Porn vs. hate speech – Out In Schools and Culture Guard

Vancouver Sun, 15 September 2011
Out in Schools deletes link to sex pictures, 15 September 2011
消弭同性戀恐懼 省府應全面推動, 15 September 2011
Criminal Complaint Filed Against School Anti-homophobia Program, 14 September 2011
文章标题: 令人震惊与担心的OUT IN SCHOOLS

Vancouver Sun, 14 September 2011
Out in Schools: Debate about gay-friendly messages (UPDATE)

Burnaby Now, 14 September 2011
“Pornogate” and the Purple Letters Campaign

Xtra!, 14 September 2011
Simpson files police complaint against anti-homophobia program; POLICE COMPLAINT / Out in Schools part of an “anti-bullying scam,” she alleges

Mesopotamia West, 13 September 2011
Porn Promoted in BC Schools

Cariboo Politics, 13 September 2011
Culture Guard takes exception to gay/lesbian education in BC Public Schools

Purple Letter Campaign, 13 September 2011
The Province, September 13

The Province, 13 September 2011
Anti-homophobia activist targets Premier Clark with letter-writing campaign