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To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to express my extreme shock at the rogue actions of Ms. Justine Hodge in taking her attacks of School Trustee, Barry Neufeld to the press. In the wake of the trans trend that is taking over our world and the cheerleading squad encompassing misguided and uninformed adults who are exchanging real solutions for politically correct unabashed support of kids with gender dysphoria to head straightway towards transitioning, I am sickened by her grandstanding and positioning of herself to run for a School Trustee post in October. It is not her place to call for the resignation of any School Trustee and she should have followed proper procedure.

District policy calls for the DPAC to first approach the Superintendent who then takes the advice to the board. In this case, Ms. Hodge went straight to the media, before any board meeting could be called.

I am attaching some very informative links that should give anyone who desires the best for children suffering with gender dysphoria to take pause and consider the ramifications of supporting transition as the only solution.



A Trans Adult Speaks Out Against Gender Indoctrination Of Children

I’m a Pediatrician. How Transgender Ideology Has Infiltrated My Field and Produced Large-Scale Child Abuse.


Misunderstanding a New Kind of Gender Dysphoria


We support Barry Neufeld and count him as one of the courageous voices in our area who is willing to speak up as so many remain silent because of the intimidation tactics of people like Ms. Hodge and those who try to shutdown free speech and diversity of thought.

I will be covering this topic extensively on my national TV show and this self-serving attack will be spoken about. There are thousands of parents who stand with Barry and it is not going to serve Ms. Hodge well to grandstand and act out of order.

Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson

Author: “Relentless Redemption”

Twitter: @LauraLynnTT

LinkedIn: Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson

Instagram: lauralynntylerthompson

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  1. Well said Laura Lynn.
    I am so grateful to all who are fighting against the abuse of children and taking a bold stand against the likes of Ms. Hodge.
    What a vile manipulation of the facts to progress an agenda that is sure to cause lasting damage to innocent victims…children…who are counting on adults to make sound, moral decisions on their behalf.

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