1. I definitely support whatever can be done to counteract this sogi cult agenda. People should read and meditate on the meaning of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.

  2. Thank you ladies for putting some refreshing perspective on this divisive issue.
    And thank you Barry Neufeld for taking such a courageous stand.

  3. My impression of the editorial in the Progress was unsettling for the tone and caustic opinion by the editor, demanding Barry Neufeld be fired. School trustees are required to stand up for students.
    Mr Neufeld brought to the public forum information that otherwise would not be accessed by the public.
    There is without question a wide agenda to keep pushing the public to accept the reasons for this program SOGI to prevent bullying. There really should be zero bullying
    On all children when in school. Not demand this for individual groups.

  4. Where can a petition against the school board be signed? I will home school my grandaughter if I have to. She will not be brain washed with this. School is reading, writing, arithmetic, science etc. This is immorality to all people at its finest. It is up to parents to teach their children their moral, social and ethical values, not strangers! This is against all religious values. Stand up people and fight against this rubbish! What will they brain wash kids next with?

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