Live Town Hall Meeting Regarding SOGI

town hall regarding sogi

Kari Simpson, Laura Lynn Taylor Thompson and Paul Dirks address alarmed parents, grandparents and other education stakeholders in a overfilled Town Hall meeting in Langley, BC about the SOGI Agenda (A Sexual Orientation Gender Identity Cult) that is spreading throughout the Canadian education system, including Kindergartners!

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  1. I respectfully request the following letter be tabled at the next council meeting of Sept 26 2017

    To Honorable Members of Government,

    Regarding SOGI and the Langley school district, my wife and I had a pleasant face book exchange with a woman who is organizing a rally in support of. In the end we came to agree on the same thing. It is all about the kids. As an uncle of a visibly autistic boy I am aware of hurtful comments made. The real issue at hand is the bullying of children whether they be LBGTQ, autistic or… Implementing an ideology such as SOGI is not the answer. A more robust program to combat bullying throughout all school districts is!

    I see SOGI as misguided even dangerous for a number of reasons. Rather than celebrating diversity it invariably quashes it. Usage of terms such as mom and dad are to be refrained from. If a child/adolescent refuses this or gender neutral terms, punitive measures follow. That is an assault on freedom of speech thought and its expression. Gender fluidity is at the vanguard of the movement. The problem with this is, that gender fluidity is recent terminology with no scientific veracity. It is mere opinion. At a time when life can be very confusing to young adolescents, something that is not based in science is being presented as factual. SOGI’s curriculum is very new. No long term third party and unbiased scientific studies that I am aware of have been made.

    SOGI’s curriculum seeks a wholesale reversal of fundamental beliefs held by the majority of western society for thousands of years. Yet we seem poised to roll it out province wide over the next few years, without the rigours of any study dealing with its long term psychological effects on children. Let that sink in for a second. We would not give our kids a vitamin supplement without verification that a number of positive independent studies had been completed. Why then are we even considering SOGI when dealing with something as important as our children’s psyche. We would be well served to refrain from moving ahead with an unknown and stick to the issue at hand, BULLYING.

    Mark Hastie
    Langley BC

    The above letter was e mailed to Langley School board Sept 25th

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