SOGI Presentation to Langley School Board by Sue Hitchman

sue hitchman culture guard sogi

Sue Hitchman is Culture Guard’s guest this week. Hosts Kari Graham and Ron Gray interview Sue regarding the presentation she gave to the Langley School Board regarding Langley’s new mandate of gender ideology in the classroom. The episode concludes with Sue’s entire presentation.


  1. Thanks Culture Guard and Sue Hitchman for this excellent interview that reflects the concerns of thousands of BC parents and taxpayers.
    Now parents have an opportunity to share info and know that they are not alone.
    This goes for all educators in schools who are being forced to support an ideology that goes against their moral convictions.

  2. What options do parents have if the state dictates to the lives of our children. Children are the responsibility of parents. Will SOGI infiltrate private schools? Catholic and Christian Schools? What of all the precious children of parents that cannot afford private schools, whatever their faith or lack thereof?

  3. S.o.g.i, is definitely discriminatory.
    This programme removes, the right to free speech, and thought, creates an antagonistic atmosphere.
    In short brain washing. This is not education.


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