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By CitizenGO · 10/06/2016 – Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, a psychology professor at the University of Toronto, is refusing to use “transgender pronouns.” And for that offense, he may risk jail time!

Sign the petition to support Dr. Peterson’s free speech in the face of totalitarian political correctness!

In a recent YouTube talk, Dr. Peterson challenged the federal Liberal government, the Ontario Human Rights Commission, and his own university’s human resources department for their promotion of what he calls a “Marxist” ideology of gender identity and gender expression.

As you may recall, the federal Liberal government has been trying to make the incorrect use of pronouns an act of “discrimination” that constitutes a “hate crime” (see Bill C-16). The Ontario Human Rights Comission has also taken up gender jihad by promulgating regulations that hold organizations liable for “actual or potential discrimination,” even if nobody complains, and even if they don’t know about the alleged discrimination. The University of Toronto’s human resources department issued a memo to professors, directing them to refer to students by the pronouns and gender references of their choice.

The University itself has not responded to Dr. Peterson’s criticisms, but of course LGBT activists have complained about the expression of these views. University of Toronto Professor A.W. Peet, who self-identifies as transgender, told the National Post that “academic freedom” should not protect Peterson when he uses it to “hurt vulnerable genderqueer members of the university community.”

Academic freedom is one of the mainstays of Western education. Without it, individuals can be persecuted for beliefs that do not align with the prevailing cultural orthodoxy and there can be no true education—for there could be no free exchange of ideas! Punishing individuals like Dr. Peterson would be a clear violation of academic freedom, as well as religious freedom and free speech.

“If someone can be put in jail for questioning [gender ideology], then I guess I should be put in jail,” says Dr. Peterson in the video, “because I’m going to continue to question it.”

Sign the petition to the University of Toronto’s human resources department to support Dr. Peterson against totalitarian political correctness! Dr. Peterson will also receive the petition by email, so he will know that we stand behind him.

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